Practice did not properly monitor prescription of a controlled drug

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Mr J was over-prescribed a controlled drug by his GP Practice. When the Practice was made aware of this, the GP declined to issue another prescription on that day. Mr J complained that he suffered withdrawal symptoms as a result.

What happened

Mr J went to a pharmacy for a repeat prescription of the medication he was taking for back pain. The pharmacy advised the GP Practice that Mr J was being over‑prescribed and Mr J was called into the Practice for an appointment with a GP the same day. A difficult consultation followed and the GP declined to prescribe more medication that same day. Mr J complained he had been left without medication and without a proper withdrawal plan. He said this had caused extreme withdrawal symptoms.

What we found

The Practice did not properly monitor its prescribing. However, we found no fault with the decision not to give Mr J a further prescription on the day of the consultation. As Mr J had not told the Practice about his withdrawal symptoms, he had not given it an opportunity to provide help or support, or to devise a withdrawal plan for him. For that reason we partly upheld the complaint.

Putting it right

The Practice apologised to Mr J and made improvements to the prescribing of controlled substances.

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