​What good complaint handling looks like

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​​In 2014 we published 'My Expectations' to help improve the way complaints are handled across the NHS and social care.

'My Expectations' describes what it feels like from the complainant’s point of view when a health or social care organisation handles a complaint well.

This work has already made an impact. The Care Quality Commission, which inspects hospitals, GP practices and care homes, uses 'My Expectations' to assess complaint handling in healthcare organisations. The Health Committee has said ‘there is now no excuse for any health or care organisations not to implement the recommendations’.

The Freedom to Speak Up report by Sir Robert Francis and the national whistleblowing policy have also adapted 'My Expectations' to support a culture that encourages and learns from staff concerns.

We worked with NHS England and the Picker Institute Europe to develop a survey of complainants based on the recommendations in 'My Expectations’. Picker also produced a suite of tools to support the use of the survey. NHS England has now launched the final complainant experience survey and toolkit. These resources aim to:

  • Track the quality of complaints handling, as set out in ‘My Expectations’
  • Support organisations to survey complainants’ experience
  • Support improvements to local systems and complaints handling.

View the full text of 'My Expectations for raising concerns and complaints'.