Supporting information on the Complaint Standards Framework for the NHS


1. This document describes how the core expectations given in the Complaint Standards Framework (the Framework) can be put into practice in the NHS.  This is so that organisations who provide NHS services and members of the public can see what these expectations might look like in a practical setting.  This information is given as part of the public consultation on the Framework. 

2. Overall, the Framework aims to support all organisations who provide NHS services to deliver quicker, simpler and more streamlined complaints handling procedures with a strong focus on early resolution by empowered and well-trained staff. 

3. The information given in this document is the first step to describing what will be required in practice to resolve complaints.  It sets out what a model complaints system should look like. This explains how the standards are expected to be delivered and what key behaviours are needed to achieve this.

4. This information will eventually form part of additional detailed guidance to support organisations who provide NHS services in delivering the core expectations set out in the Complaint Standards Framework.