Inside the 'PHSO' - Our staff talk about their work

Images of staff members
Corporate Communications (Projects) Manager

Over the past few weeks, colleagues from different parts of the organisation have been taking part in a new initiative to widen awareness of their work.

Complementing the recent launch of our new Service Charter and using our website and social media channels, they have been sharing insights into their interactions with people who bring complaints to us and the organisations we investigate.

They have spoken passionately about their belief in the value of an Ombudsman service and how it helps people deal with injustice and addresses wider issues with public services; driving change for the better.

This week the #InsidePHSO campaign continues with different members of staff from London and Manchester talking about their work. Every day, we are unveiling a short video to share what they enjoy about their job; highlighting their dedication to helping the people who come to us for help. Each looks at a particular part of our work: customer service, assessment, investigations, clinical advice and quality.

On Monday Roshni Beekharry speaks of the importance of building empathy and rapport to help get answers to the difficult questions and issues we need to examine. Then Morris Bagnall highlights the importance of making sure that our work is of the highest quality so we can properly serve complainants.

As well as giving a quick insight into what an investigation might look like, on Wednesday Anneyce Wheatcroft talks about how it's important for an investigator to help complainants understand how we arrive at decisions.

Talking about our clinical advisers, Sue Lowson speaks about their role to provide medical insight and translate sometimes difficult language into easily understood terms. Finally on Friday, Tracy Howarth tells viewers about the importance of quality assurance from the very start to the very end of our process.

Along with the detailed guidance provided with our Service Charter, we hope these give you some insight into how we look into complaints here at the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman.