What our data tells us

We publish regular data to help Parliament hold public services to account and help the organisations we investigate, regulators and others improve public services and the way they handle complaints.

Our data on NHS organisations in England

We produce quarterly reports on the number of complaints we receive for each acute NHS trust in England. View our reports on NHS organisations here.

Complaints to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

We publish annual data about the complaints PHSO receives and the decisions made on complaints about the NHS in England and UK Government Departments and other public services.  In order to ensure that data is accurate, complaints data is cleansed annually after the end of each financial year. For this reason, we will not publish complaints data on a quarterly basis at this stage.

Our data on UK government departments and public organisations

We publish an annual review of the UK government departments and some other UK public organisations that we investigate:

Other research

Other information 

We also publish a range of reports about our work and a selection of summaries of cases we investigate