Ombudsman comments on investigation into the death of Ben Condon

Commenting on the findings of an investigation into the death of eight-week-old Ben Condon at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundations Trust, Ombudsman Rob Behrens, said:

Our investigation found a catalogue of failings in the Trust’s treatment of Ben Condon, which meant several missed opportunities to give him the best possible chance of recovering from his illness. Mr and Mrs Condon now have to live with the knowledge that Ben’s care was sub-standard and that each failing reduced his chances of recovery. We also found failings in the way the Trust communicated with Mr and Mrs Condon, exacerbating a highly distressing situation over an extended period of time. This is every parent’s worst nightmare and they deserved better from those they trusted with their child.

The injustice of never knowing whether things might have been different is something they will have to live with forever.

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