Statement on Patients Association report

A Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman spokesperson said:

'Every time someone has a poor experience of our service it really matters to us and we work hard to put things right.

'As announced last month, we've embarked on the second part of our modernisation drive. We are engaging with complainants, including some of the people mentioned in this report which features seven cases, to help draw up a service charter - a set of promises to users about what they can expect when they use our service.

'We are pleased the Patients Association has agreed to be part of this work.

'We are committed to acting on feedback from users of our service. The first part of our modernisation drive was to investigate more cases. In 2013-14 we investigated six times more complaints than in previous years (384 to 2199). We have maintained satisfaction levels and halved the average time taken to complete a case. We are modernising our service to provide an even better service to the 27,000 complainants whose cases we deal with every year.'