Our vision and values

Our vision is to be an exemplary public services ombudsman by providing an independent, impartial and fair complaints resolution service, while using our casework to help raise standards and improve public services.

Our values

Our values have been developed in close consultation with our staff and all those who use our service so we all have a shared understanding about the type of ombudsman service we want to be.

Our values shape our behaviour, both as an organisation and as individuals, and incorporate the Ombudsman's Principles. These are:

Independence, Fairness, Excellence, Transparency


We are independent from organisations we investigate, holding them to account for service failure.


We listen carefully to complainants and the organisations we investigate and we make impartial and fair decisions based on relevant evidence.


We learn from engagement with complainants and organisations we investigate to improve our accessibility, efficiency and effectiveness and the quality of our decisions.


We communicate with those using our service and then publish information about our findings, how we are performing, and how organisations we investigate have implemented our recommendations.