Non-executive Board member

Elisabeth Davies

Elisabeth's career, combining professional and voluntary commitments, has centred on consumer engagement and developing services that are truly consumer-focused. She has worked across the charitable and public sectors with a particular focus on the needs of health and social care users.

In addition to being the Senior Independent Director on the Board of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, Elisabeth is Chair of the Patient and Carer Network at the Royal College of Physicians. She is also Chair of the Appointments Committee at the General Pharmaceutical Council, maintaining the independence of the Investigation, Fitness to Practice and Appeals Committees and helping to ensure that their decisions have the confidence of the public and the profession.

Within the NHS, Elisabeth has combined executive and non-executive roles. She was Head of Policy, Planning and Partnerships at the National Patient Safety Agency.  Non-Executive roles include former Deputy Chair of Wandsworth Primary Care Trust and South West London Community NHS Trust.  

Elisabeth is also the former Chair of the Legal Services Consumer Panel. She has worked across the advice giving sector. She was previously Director of Policy and Development at the Refugee Council and is currently a Trustee of the Personal Support Unit which supports people going through the court process without legal representation.